2016 – 17

Blessing of the Bishop Gungon building was held. Sr. Anabel De La Cruz, SPC is the present School Head/Principal. Installation of CCTV’s in strategic areas in the campus was done. Opening of K-11 Canonical possession of Most Rev. Francisco de Leon, D.D., Bishop of Antipolo and OLPS Scholl Director

2015 - 16

Implementation of I-Ready program for English and Math and Robotics for Advance Classes started. Six (6) Faculty members graduated with Master of Arts Degree from St. Joseph College on April 2, 2016.

2014 - 16

Sr. Edna Lopez, SPC became the School Head/Principal.

2014 -15

Application for the Senior High School permit was filed. The construction of the Bishop Gungon building started.

2013 -14

Installation of 58 CCTV’s, Student Attendance Monitoring System, and Cashless Transaction was done. Implementation of Skills Development Program started. Preparation for the PAASCU Level II Visit began. Four (4) faculty members graduated with the degree of Master of Arts from St. Paul University Surigao OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Grade 6. First graduation of Grade 6 in Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School was held.

2012 -13

There was construction of additional classroom in Tawid- Tawid Community Extension School. OLPS received the First Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA) by ABS-CBN Bayan Academy, REX Bookstore Inc., and Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. on Feb. 15, 2012 The school held its 40th Founding Celebration of OLPS with the theme: 40 Years In Priming Great Leaders and in Sharing Christ’s Mission from Oct.23-26 11 Faculty members graduated with the degree of Doctor of Philosopy and 1 Master of Arts in St. Paul University- Surigao (SPUS) in March. Re-organization of Alumni Association was done. The implementation of K to 12 programs started. PAASCU’s first formal visit was held on August 30-31, 2012. PAASCU Level I Status was granted on Nov. 23, 2012. OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Grade 5.

2011 – 14

Sr. Marie Celine Santos, SPC became the School Head/Principal.

2011 - 12

Visit of Janie and Nancy Smith, ASDC CADRE, USA for the implementation of Understanding by Design (UBD) with Differentiated Instruction took place on July 29 The Principal’s Office was transferred to the Grade School 1st floor to convert the room into Clinic and the former Clinic was converted to a prayer Room. Construction of the Guidance Center in the Ground floor main Building took place. The name Center for Integral Evangelization in MAPSA was changed to Christian Formation. OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Grade 4.

2010 - 11

The newly constructed Marian building was occupied PAASCU Preliminary Visit was held on August 2-3, 2010. OLPS was granted Candidate Status by the PAASCU on December 13.

2009 - 10

There was launching of the RCC-WBLS Activity Books (Telling and Re-telling the Story of Jesus) Conversion of the Marian Hall into classrooms was done to accommodate the 4th year classes. The lot at the back of the cathedral was acquired for future expansion. Consultancy Visit of PAASCU prior to Preliminary Survey happened on Oct. 3. Rooms and offices were furnished with technology (DLP, Speakers, and Interactive Boards) and Air-conditioned units. Implementation of the RCC-WBLS (Religion as the Core of the Curriculum - Whole Brain Learning System as the strategy) authored by trained faculty members was held. Construction of the Marian building: Gymnasium, Marian Hall and 10 additional Classrooms began.

2008 - 09

RCC-WBLS program was launched. Renovation of the canteen and the Library, creation of additional Learning Centers for Math and Science happened this year. Robotics Laboratory was constructed. Acquisition of 10 units of interactive boards for Kinder, Grade 1 classrooms, and Math and Science Learning Centers took place. Re-certification of PEAC-FAPE passed with an average score of 3.95. There was major Repair of the Riprap along Dela Paz St. Construction of the electrical service drop and transformer was done. The first Faculty Journal Volume 1, Series 1 was published.

2007 – 11

OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Kinder, Grades 1-3.

2007- 08

OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Grade 3. Christian Living Education Center was created. OLPS opened the San Luis Campus (Pope John Paul II Minor Seminary) Forty (40) faculty from both the High School and Grade School Department finished their Graduate Studies in St. Paul University Surigao.

2006 - 07

OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School offered Grade 2. Math Learning Center and two (2) Speech Laboratories were constructed. Adult non-formal education was offered in OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School.

2005 - 06

OLPS passed the certification of PEAC-FAPE. English and Science Learning Centers were created. Major renovations were done leading to the creation of the Marian Hall, the Kinder Playground, and the expansion of the Canteen and the Library. OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School Extension offered Grade 1.

2004 - 05

OLPS opened the extension in Tawid-tawid as OLPS Tawid-Tawid Community Extension School with Kinders 1 & 2. Reading Learning Center was created.

2003 - 11

Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC - School Head/Principal

2003 - 04

Drafting and launching of OLPS’ strategic paths / directions and from that year onwards, the development of the institutional priorities namely, the Academic Formation, the Christian Formation, and Formation in Social Responsibility were initiated by Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC. Launching of the Flagship Programs in Reading and Math was done. Bishop Gabriel Reyes, D.D. became the School Director.


OLPS celebrated its 30th Foundation Anniversary Bishop Crisostomo Yalung became the School Director.

2000 - 03

Sr. Carmen Cua, SPC was the School Head/Principal


Inauguration of the St. Paul Building was held.


Construction of the St. Paul Building for High School started.

1997- 2000

Sr. Cecilia Sto. Tomas, SPC was the School Head/Principal and Sr. Josefa Lasala, SPC was the Grade School Principal.


OLPS celebrated its Silver Jubilee Foundation Anniversary.


The administration acquired 2.7 hectares of land as expansion site of OLPS in Bo. San Luis, Antipolo.

1994- 97

Sr. Aida Bautista, SPC became the School Head/Principal.


Construction of the High School Annex started in March. Completion and blessing of the High School Annex was held in June.

1993- 94

Sr. Yolanda Orpilla, SPC was the School Head/Grade School Principal while Sr. Dedicacion Rosario, SPC was the High School Principal.


The newly-constructed St. Joseph building was inaugurated and occupied by the Grade School pupils. Our Lady of Peace School celebrated its 20th Foundation Anniversary.


Construction of a three-story building started as a part of the expansion of the school brought about by the demand to accept more and more students due to the influx of residents from the city to the subdivisions of Antipolo.

1990 - 92

Sr. Mia Magdalena Goretti, SPC was the Grade School Principal.

1989 - 93

High School Department was recognized by the DECS as one of the 250 top performing schools in the Philippines ranking 106th.

1986 -89

Sr. Ma. Luz Roldan, SPC was the Grade School Principal.


The school became a member of MAPSA.


The High School Department was granted full Government recognition.

1984 - 86

Sr. Concordia Salaria, SPC was the Grade School Principal.


The first batch of Kinder pupils graduated in High School.


The school held its first high school graduation with 50 graduates.


Msgr. Protacio G. Gungon, D.D. was the School Director.

1979 - 80

Sr. Ma. Emilia Lagasca, SPC was the HS Principal.

1978- 81

Sr. Louise Therese, SPC was the School Head/ G.S. Principal.

1977- 78

Rev. Fr. Feliciano Manalili was the first School Director. Sr. Theresia Rillo, SPC was the School Principal.


Elementary Department was given recognition by DECS. First graduation in the Elementary Dept. was held. 1st year of the four-year high school course was opened.


Kindergarten Course, Grades One to Four were given recognition by DECS. Intermediate grades were offered.


Primary grades were opened.


Sr. Alloysius Pacis, SPC was the 1st Superior and Principal.


Kindergarten held its first graduation with 47 graduates.


Kindergarten was offered.


Our Lady of Peace School is a cathedral school founded in 1972 by Msgr. Vicente Fernandez who invited the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to administer the school.