OLPS has already scheduled orientation sessions for both parents and students on the online learning platforms and Learning Management System that will be used for this school year. Details will be disseminated through our FB page or emails will be sent to parents.

During the school year, class advisers/subject teachers will monitor the student’s progress and well-being. Parents will likewise be informed of their progress when needed. The guidance staff will also provide online consultations and routine interviews. These have been set in place to help students in their transition to this kind of learning.

The OLPSian-Paulinian teachers are currently undergoing training on the technical skills and the new pedagogy appropriate for online learning to ensure that they are equipped with knowledge and skills to adapt to the new normal in education.

Adult supervision is necessary from Kinder to Grade 3. Adults need to help the children in terms of establishing a routine, performing simple troubleshooting, and reminding them of the things that they have to accomplish. However, this is minimal for older children. Grades 4 – Senior High School students are expected to be more responsible and independent.

Yes, during the synchronous learning; however, during the asynchronous or self-paced portion, they complete the activity on their own and are expected to submit output within the given schedule.

Schedules will be given and there will be time allotted for synchronous as well as asynchronous learning sessions. At other times, students can accomplish their activities on their own. If there is a need for simultaneous synchronous sessions, the parents may decide as to who needs the gadget more, but they have to inform the teacher of the absence of their child so he/she can make the necessary adjustments.

Physical education class is still part of the academic offering. The class will give emphasis on health, physical fitness, and well-being. Activities will be provided by the teachers and videos will be prepared for them.

Yes, some books and supplies will still be required for online learning depending on the grade level. Moreover, additional learning materials created by the teachers which have been carefully selected from other sources will be provided through online platforms.

The following internet skills would help the students to be successful: Proficiency in typing and word processing; Familiarity with Web browsers and Web-based interactions such as email, discussion boards, listservs, and chat rooms; and experience in successful internet searches using a variety of search engines.

The IT staff of OLPS will help to address any technical concerns related to LMS. Help Desks will also be put in place in the lobby to assist the parents and students.

Online learning will still be the mode of teaching until the decline of Covid-19 cases are evident and safety measures are put in place. However, blended learning will be introduced, and students will be scheduled on rotational shifts. This means that there will be scheduled once a week for certain groups of students to go to school either to work in the laboratories like the TLE & HE, Computer, Chemical, Biology, Physics, and Science as the case may be. At other times, they will still work at home.

Yes, printed activity sheets will be provided and submitted on a weekly basis to support the academic activities of the students. The parents/guardians may get the activity sheets through email or picked up in school.

Students who would return will necessarily go through the process and adhere to the policies and guidelines of the school. Automatic admission will not apply for transferees.

The schedule of parents’ orientation will be conducted before classes start in August. Details will be announced / sent through emails and OLPS FB page and OLPS official website.

for more questions, email us at [email protected]