Admission is a very important task of every school.  It means granting a student applicant entrance to the school with the definite understanding that he, the student and his parents or guardians agree in writing to comply with the scholastic standards of the school, as well as the ideals of Christian education and its rules and regulations.


Registration is handled by the Admission Committee composed of the Principal, Registrar, Guidance Counselors, Academic Heads, and Homeroom Coordinators. 


The school establishes its own admission policies.  This task necessitates the organization of a committee that will take the responsibility of formulating policies concerning admission, retention and transfer of students. 


  1. The start of admission is January. The school has the right to close the admission of a certain level if the maximum or ideal number of students has been reached.
  2. The applicant must be officially enrolled and promoted or eligible for transfer to the level he/she is applying in.
  3. The applicants should have no failing grades in all subjects. The applicant have also not dropped or repeated any level.
  4. The applicant must have good deportment records or must not be involved in any disciplinary cases.
  5. The applicant must pass the interview of the admission committee.
  6. In cases where a recommendation from a Developmental Pediatrician or specialist is needed, the decision for the acceptance of the applicant is based on the recommendation of the Developmental Pediatrician or specialist.
  7. Certificate of eligibility for admission from the Department of Education (DepEd) is needed in cases where the student-applicant cannot reasonably secure his/her school credentials for reasons beyond his/her control, such as:
    • Closure of the school last attended.
    • Damage of documents due to fire or natural calamities.
    • Admission may be denied based on legal and/or reasonable grounds, as follows:
        1. Academic deficiency of student applicant
        2. Failure of applicant to meet financial obligations
        3. Health reasons of students applicant
        4. Irreconcilable differences/deterioration of relationship between the parents and school authorities/teachers
        5. Student-applicant violation of school rules and regulations.